The Next Generation of Trading is Here

Do you know why over 90% of traders fail?  The reason, no plan!

The good news is Trade90X has the plan for success!

You must learn to treat trading as a business!

Learning how to apply the right information is powerful!

Learn Trade90X’s proven process and strategies!

Focus on the process not the money!

Learn how the markets really work!

What can I expect?

Success is not given to us

There is no get rich quick schemes, we must earn it. In order to succeed we need to follow these steps everyday:

  1. Create your plan.

  2. Follow your plan.

  3. Have realistic expectations.

  4. Practice, practice and more practice until trading becomes second nature.

  5. Back-test and prove your strategies.

  6. Journal with detail every trading day.

YOU have the power to change it, let Trade90X help you create a plan and tilt the probability in your favor.
Let Trade90X help you build a strong money management foundation

Risk management will keep you in the game!

Professional traders ask, “How much can I lose?”, Newbie traders ask, “How much can I make?”.

Have realistic expectations!

Learn patience and discipline!


I am so happy with my results. Before I was introduced to the Trade90X process I was trading without a plan. Now, each and every day I trade with a plan. I know where I want to enter trades, stop and profit targets in advance. It feels so good to have a solid plan each day.


Anne Castaneda

Retail investor, Los Angeles, California

Before I was trading with the Trade90X process, I was struggling to be a profitable trader, trading without a plan. I now understand that trading without a plan is a losing strategy. I learned that making yourself accountable is the only way to give yourself a chance. Now, I have a laser focused Trade Plan that allows me to have the confidence to succeed. Thanks to Trade90X!


Jeff Lazarus

Retail investor, Los Angeles, California

Today you must learn how to be an Analyst, Risk Manager and a Trader

Most traders fail because they do not have a plan!

You must learn risk management!

You must learn to become an analyst and read charts.

You must learn to master trade management.

You must learn how to be accountable!